Thursday, 14 July 2011

Jari Jemari

"And where does magic come from? I think that magic's in the learning."

My emotion is totally different compared to when I was writing my Ratu Hatiku. How drama queen can I be and nothing new about it. It's not an urban legend. I am dancing in my heart and soul right now; all excited about my third posting. Wanting so much to share with all of you of my new found passion for almost 1 year 6 months now. I called this over excitement of mine as "poyorism". "Poyorism" is actually from a key word "poyo". It can be defined as "I-Love-Me-Self-Way-Too-Much" syndrome. Even until now, the scientists or bomohs couldn't find the cure or remedy for this unknown sickness or disease. Kasi I chance lah "poyo" sikit. Can?

Yes, it is an open secret, everybody knows that I do not know how to cook, and hey, whats more baking! Ground, please open up and eat me now; "Membuka Pekung Didada Sendiri". I came out clean, so God, please spare me the humiliation. I can't cook and I'm not proud of it. May be by revealing one of my many weaknesses will motivate me to cook in the future? How now brown cow?

Arwah mama has always been the best cook that anyone and everyone could asked for. Cooking & baking were her ultimate passion. She used to conduct classes almost every week for her close friends & families. She made a great contribution to The Ismails from baking and cooking. Allhamdulillah. I've learn a very valuable lesson from her, as a partner, you have to be very resourceful in helping your other half financially too. There's no such thing as "entitlement" culture, she said. You have to work very hard. Well, I would like to take this "entitlement" topic off line for now. Trust me, I have so many things to share with regards to this topic. I have grown up with this mantra from arwah mama; "Tangan Yang Memberi Itu, Lebih Mulia Dari Tangan Yang Menerima". InsyaAllah.

Arwah mama attended cooking classes almost everywhere. She read and digested  recipe books like how I could just sit down in front of the laptop being all serious and cracking my head working on business plans, corporate framework, strategies etc. The Ismails is always known for their "kiasuness". We practically have a little bakery at home and it's still there. Untouchable. Abah decided to keep the kitchen as it is. He spends more time at the dining area after arwah mama passed away. I believe, it may be what keeps him going,  what makes him feels closer to arwah mama.

By the way, arwah mama had a strict rule; she won't allow any of her angels, Kak Long, Tikoo and me to come anywhere near the kitchen. For her, our education is the utmost important thing. We must only focus on our books, piano classes, tuition, Al-Quran & agama classes and computer classes. Arwah mama used to joke that it was definitely her mistake that none of us can't cook and bake because of her own policy of not allowing us to "play" near her "playground".

Deep down, I always wish I have a magical jari jemari like arwah mama. So, before her passing, I somehow decided to make arwah mama proud of me.  I woke up one beautiful morning, called my best friend, Nadia and told her that I wanted to learn how to bake. She screamed on top of her lung, in shock and excitement of my newly found passion. I've started baking in the first week of February 2010, I still remember. I've borrowed the mixer from Kak Long. I have a convectional microwave oven at home, I didn't even know that until Nadia pointed it out. I'm hopeless like that. And the rest is history.

My topic of discussion with arwah mama every time when I went to visit her at the hospital was definitely about baking. She will just laugh and smile at my "poyoness" and curiosity. And of course, she had all the tips in this world. I was so nervous when I first have a cupcake testing session with her. She tasted it and guess what, she said I did well, given that I'm the new kid on the block. Cayalah! She's my rock, most definitely. She always know the right words to say to keep all of us going.

Ladies & gentlemen, below are a few of my cupcakes collection for your viewing pleasure. I've baked and decorated them with all my heart and soul; with love and passion, of course. Each and every cupcake that I bake and decorate, it carries their own stories. I love looking at them smilling,  blowing the candles out, silently making their wishes. Priceless. May be who knows one day, insyaAllah, I could turn my passion into a business, which apparently, I did, a little. I've collected in total almost RM2,000, baking from my own humble kitchen. I never thought that a girl like me could bake when before, she can't even differentiate between raw sugar and custor sugar. 

With my own jari jemari, I've found my new passion.

"Jari Jemari 1 : Hannah My Ladybird"

"Jari Jemari 2 : Kak Long My Valentine"

"Jari Jemari 3 : Majdah My Pretty In Pink"

"Jari Jemari 4 : Natasha My Barbie"

"Jari Jemari 5 : Ashley Mia Dasuik My Princess "

Note for your evaluation: Tikoo has become a great cook lately and I love her curry and cucur badak very much. Kak Long is still struggling to improvise her cookies and spaghetti and me? I'm still trying very hard to differentiate between ikan bawal and ikan tenggiri. Ladies & gentlemen, wish us all the best in our journey to be a great cook like arwah mama. Yes, "Usaha Itu Tangga Kejayaan." Yes? No? InsyaAllah.


  1. well, org kata tak kenal maka tak cinta...tak mencuba.. tak tau rasa..sesiapa saja dlm dunia ni blh memasak kerana itu fitrah seorg manusia yg Allah butuh usaha dan semangat ingin mencuba. tp bila tgk gambar..hmm nampak cantik dan sedap..semua org butuh makan...jd mahu tak mahu kena belajar masak..dunia serba je any recipe...semua org blh jadi chef. i yg tak pernah tahu masak stim fish ala thai..blh dipuji bila first time masak buat family kakak saya. biarpun dlm hati berdebar2 takut tak sedap paling takut kalau mrk dpt food poisoning. tp Alhamdulillah..semuanya baik2 saja... Good luck amy in your be a good chef.. ikan bawal bentuknya spt mata, sisiknya halus warna putih dan ada yg warna cokelat terang..ikan tenggiri memanjang seperti ikan parang..cuma warna kehitam-hitaman sikit.. sisik sgt keras kat ekornya...confused right hehehehe..hahahahaha

  2. the combination of kak long, kak ngah & kak lang experts could have all mak cik nor's experts..


  3. Kalon, thank you so much for your comments. You're right, tak kenal maka tak cinta :)

  4. Dear Inna, I really hope so LOL!